Soils/Land Use Sample Test Questions

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Soil/Land Use Sample Test Questions

  1. You have been given an assignment to conduct a Soil Survey on a parcel of land indicated by the B on the provided topo sheet and you are at a site indicated by an A. You will be traveling to the site in a 2 x 4 pickup. List the route you would travel to reach the site that is the most direct (least mileage / kilometers).
  2. The letter C on the attached USGS topographic map represents which geomorphic landform? 
    Terminal Moraine
    Outwash Plain
    Kame Terrace

  3. At the testing site (at the pit) what geomorphic landform is represented? Use the possibilities listed in question 2. Give indication why.
  4. What is the textural group (sandy, loamy, clayey) of the soil at the following depths?
    03 Inches (07.62 cm)
    12 Inches (30.48 cm)
    24 Inches (60.96 cm)
    36 Inches (91.44 cm) 
  5. Determine the Munsell colors of the following 4 samples (color books and soil samples on table near the pit).
    Well drained
    Moderately well and somewhat
    poorly drained
    Very poorly drained 
  6. What is the drainage class of the soil pit?
  7. From a soils perspective, is this a wetland site? Justify your answer.
  8. Would you expect the reaction (pH) of the subsoil to be above pH 7 or below? Assume a natural setting, with no amendments added. Justify your answer.
  9. Would you expect high or low aggregate stability on this site and why?
  10. What is the slope range surrounding the pit? What's the slope range from here to the Fish and Wildlife Building? What is the slope indicated by the flagged sticks?
  11. The map unit symbol you are in HgB. What is the name of the map unit? Is the map unit considered prime farmland?
  12. Using the information determined from the soil pit and site, and the soil survey report, which general soil map unit would you assume we are in?
  13. PaB - Paxton fine sandy loam, 3 to 8 percent slopes, is a map unit in the soil survey for this area. Is it suitable for septic tank use? Why or why not?
  14. At what depth is the seasonal high water table in the pit and what did you base your answer on?
  15. Which of the following are most responsible for giving color to soils? (pick 2)
    Organic Matter
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