Virtual 2021 NCF-Envirothon Proctor Information

Virtual 2021 NCF-Envirothon Proctor Information

To be filled out by State/Provincial/Partner Nation Envirothon Representative.

Deadline: Thursday, July 1, 2021

In order to ensure the Virtual 2021 NCF-Envirothon Nebraska competition has a high degree of academic integrity, all rules and regulations found here must be followed by all during the testing portion of the 2021 competition.

To accomplish this, the NCF-Envirothon is requiring all state/provincial/partner nation Envirothon representative(s) to identify at least two (2) individuals (1 primary and 1 alternate) to serve as proctor(s) during the team testing on July 26th.

Individuals who may serve as proctors include:

  • • school officials/teachers (those not involved in Envirothon team training/organization)
  • • state/provincial/partner nation Envirothon representatives
  • • state/provincial/partner nation Envirothon program committee members
  • • conservation district representatives
  • • or others not directly related to any team members or involved in their training in any way

    If the state/provincial/partner nation Envirothon representative is unable to identify a Proctor that meets the above criteria, then they need to contact the NCF-Envirothon immediately at to apply for a variance.

    Duties of the Proctor(s) will include monitoring for rule infractions and contacting the Competition Advisory Team (CAT) in the event of any technical issues, among others. Once identified, the Proctors will be required to complete and sign the Adult Code of Conduct and adhere to all Rules and Procedures set forth for Proctors (to be provided by the NCF-Envirothon and 2021 Host).

    A Proctor must be present at all times during the official testing portion of the competition. It will be the responsibility of the State/Provincial/Partner Nation Envirothon Representative to make sure a designated Proctor is with the team at all times while they are completing the tests. As that may take several hours, the 2 designated individuals (primary and alternate proctor) may want to spilt the hours between themselves. This is allowed as long as the shift happens between tests and not while the team is in the midst of one of the tests (causing a potential distraction).