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2017 Hall of Fame Recipients

Chrissa Kuntz - Penncrest High School
Barry Burch - Maryland Envirothon
Mark Samilenko - Penncrest High School

Hall of Fame  2017 Inductees -  Chrissa Kuntz and Mark Samilenko were nominated by the Pennsylvania Envirothon and introduced by Lorelle Steach,  Executive Director,  Pennsylvania Envirothon  ...  "The next inductee to be included into the NCF-Envirothon Hall of Fame is known to many of you.  You know this inductee to be hard working, dedicated and some might even say persistent about educating youth and encouraging future leaders through Envirothon.

This inductee puts countless hours into teaching Envirothon subjects to hundreds of students of all ages.  The inductee is committed to finding creative ways to train high school students who are now training younger students, in turn making the Envirothon a strong educational program at all levels. "    Read More   


The Envirothon Hall of Fame Program was established in 2005  the first awards were at the North American Envirothon in Springfield, Missouri. 

Nominations are open to teachers and state/provincial program participants having displayed exceptional leadership, involvement, and dedication to the Envirothon program.

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