Envirothon Testing Format Guidelines

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Envirothon Testing Format Guidelines

In order to provide a consistent format for all tests:

1) Create tests in WORD document.
2) Please use Times New Roman only for ALL questions. Variation in size, bold, underline, centered and italics may be used to change/enhance appearance to titles, stations, sections, etc.

In to order to create a fair test:

1) Document reference materials used for each created question and determined correct answer. This will assist the test review committee.
2) All questions must come from the required references. At least one question should be derived from every required reference.
3) All questions must be graded in whole points, no half-points given. Either make the question “all or nothing” or increase the value to 2 to 4 points so that partial credit may be given. All tests must ensure 100 total possible points.

In order to implement fairness and accuracy on testing day:

1) Assign each state and province a number. This number, rather than the state or province name, will be indicated at the top left of test and score at the top right, just as they are identified on the Oral Component score sheets. Pre-printed labels will be provided by North American Envirothon Board of Directors (NAEC). (Note: Test administrators may also serve as judges for the presentations.)
2) All tests must be corrected by the test writer(s) at the station. Tests should not be corrected at a later time by individuals who did not write the questions.
3) Correcting of tests must be double checked for accuracy.
4) Scoring of tests must be double checked for math errors.
5) Assign a North American Envirothon Representative (NAEC Member) to each station to “check the checkers” to provide Quality Control.
6) All tests, score sheets, and answer sheets with references will be turned over to the NAEBoD.
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