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Latest News from the NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee  Chair - Millie Langley  (North Carolina)

November 22, 2016

Hello Envirothon Participants!

I will be your Chair for the next 12-18 months, while Barry Burch makes sure the 2017 NCF-Envirothon in Maryland is the best that it can be!

For those of you that might not know me, I’m from North Carolina and serve as one of the Southeastern Representatives on the Operating Committee.I have served on the NC Envirothon Committee since our program began in 1991. Please know I am available if you have questions, at any time.  

I hope we all can take a few minutes and look around us in this season of Thanksgiving;  to experience the clean water, feel the fresh fall air and hear the birds singing in the trees.  Let us be thankful for the beauty of nature and our precious world.  

So study Envirothon... Study soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics and learn as much as you can, not so you can win a competition, but so you will be better citizens. Yes, citizens ready to take on the world and keep it beautiful and productive.  Study Envirothon and become leaders; of your team, of your class and of your school and community.  

Happy Thanksgiving and be (like me) Envirothon Happy!

~ Millie Langley, NCF Envirothon Chair

"Know SOIL and Know LIFE, or there will be NO SOIL and NO LIFE"   Quote by Dr. David Lindbo, SSSOA


June 29,2016

Hello Students,

Your 2016 Envirothon journey is now leading you down a path to your final destination - Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.  For some of you, this may be the pinnacle of your Envirothon career as a student.  You have made a commitment to learn as much as you can about North America's natural resources, and earned the opportunity to represent your province or state at the 2016 NCF-Envirothon.   The 2016 NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee congratulates you for your outstanding efforts!

As you make your final travel preparations, please be sure to thank those who have supported you and your team throughout this year's Envirothon events.  This may include your family, teachers, school administrators, Envirothon committees, your provincial or state sponsoring agency, and the many resource professionals.  They would greatly appreciate a nice 'Thank You'.

See you in Ontario!

Barry Burch ,     NCF-Envirothon Chair

Greetings Envirothoner’s,

The 2016 Envirothon  season is upon us !   The NCF-Envirothon Operating Committee, the Provincial and State Envirothon programs are working toward another  great year of Envirothon competitions.  With  these competitions you help prepare  the  students to develop a greater understanding of the principles and practices to maintain a balance of our natural resources.  

In addition, we cannot forget about those Envirothon advisors/teachers .  They are important catalysts to the Envirothon programs, encouraging all students to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about our natural environment. 

Finally, the Ontario Envirothon Host Committee is finalizing their plans for the 2016 NCF-Envirothon event to be held at Trent University, Peterborough in July (24-29). The Ontario Host Committee  are very excited about hosting the 29th annual  NCF-Envirothon and their first  time as  hosting the  North American competition.       See You In Ontario !       ~ Barry Burch