Aquatic Ecology Sample Test Questions

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Aquatic Ecology Sample Test Questions

  1. The aquatic plant in this pan was taken from the middle of this river. Please identify the plant using the key.

  2. List 4 negative impacts which would result if this plant were replaced by Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum)?

  3. List 4 methods used to reduce or eliminate an invasive aquatic plant and explain briefly the disadvantages of each.

  4. The macroinvertebrate samples in this pan were collected from this river. Chemical data have been collected from this site on several occasions. The data indicate no obvious problem; however the diversity and number of intolerant species are both low. Please explain.

  5. The cover canopy is almost complete further upstream, but here the river is exposed to the sun. Describe 4 differences you would expect between the two sites and why.

  6. Identify the insects using the available key. You will receive one point for the correct order and one point for the correct family. You may use either the common or scientific names.

  7. Describe 2 environmental impacts of reduced stream flows from surface water withdrawals for snowmaking.

  8. Looking at the map provided, please list 5 potential sources of human water use along this river.

  9. What trout (common name) is native to this river? What are 3 potential impacts of introducing another trout species to this river?

  10. Adhesion and cohesion are two important properties of water. Define each and describe one way each of these properties function in the environment.

  11. The water cycle has a number of different features. One of these is the aeration zone. Describe the hydrologic functions of the aeration zone.

  12. Oxygen is an important requirement for all aquatic insects. How do some insects utilize environments where dissolved oxygen is not plentiful?

  13. List four ways wetlands are beneficial to water quality and environmental diversity.

  14. Conserving water benefits the environment in many ways. List 10 ways you can personally conserve water.

  15. Many people view hydropower as a non-polluting, renewable source of electrical energy. Describe two reasons why generating dams might be harmful to the environment.

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