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NCF-Envirothon Diversity Grants

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2018   NCF-Envirothon Diversity Grant 

2018 Diversity Grant Application Instructions  -  Closed for 2018  

2018 Diversity Grant Application  - Closed for 2018   

NOTE:  Interim reporting on Diversity Grants is required after  7 months if the grant goes past 12 months.  Final Diversity Grant reports are due on  December 15  annually
Final Diversity Grant Reporting: Final Report Template
Interim  Diversity Grant  Reporting: Interim Report Template
PLEASE  read through the template(s)  first, you will be required to upload documents into the reporting template.         

2018 NCF-Envirothon Awarded Diversity Grants
United States ($2,000.00 awarded to each state)   
Arizona  - Arizona Title 1 Schools            
Massachusetts  - 2019 Massachusetts Envirothon Diversity Grant Initiative
Montana - Outreach to Native American Students
Ohio - Developing Confidence/Skills for Envirothon Participation in Underserved
           Urban School Districts
Texas - Retention of Dedicated Underserved Teams
Virginia - Stuart High School Envirothon Program
Canada - No grants were awarded in 2018

2017 NCF-Envirothon Awarded Diversity Grants
United States                       Canada
South Dakota  $2,000.00         New Brunswick  $2,000.00
Texas   $2,000.00  
Mississippi $ 2,000.00
Virginia   $2,000.00

2016 NCF-Envirothon  Awarded  Diversity Grants

United States                                    Canada
Colorado  $4,000.00                           Alberta $ 1,000.00
Maryland  $1,500.00                           Ontario $1,000.00
Rhode Island $2,000.00
Texas $2,000.00
Virginia $2,000.00