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Past Competitions


North American Envirothon 2014

The 2014  North American competition was not  held due to restructuring of the program.  The program will continue  in 2015  (July 22 - August 2) in Springfield, Missouri under the new name of  National Conservation Foundation-Envirothon ( NCF-Envirothon).

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Sustainable Agriculture - Locally Grown 


Current Issue:

Learning Objectives:  2014  Learning Objectives    

2014 Current Topic Resource:  Indicator's of Sustainable Agriculture and Organic  Production 





North American Envirothon 2013

August 4-9, 2013

Montana State Unversity

Bozeman, Montana


Sustainable Rangeland Management: Achieving a balance between Tratditonal Agricultural Uses with Non-Agricultural uses on Montana Rangelands.

2013 Learning Objectives -  Learning Objectives

Montana  "Specific"  - 2013 Montana Specific Resources


Score Sheet2013 Score Sheet.pdf

Winner- Press Release:  2013 Winner Press Release FINAL.pdf

Memory Book:  Click Here


Sample 2013 tests : 

2013 Wildlife Test 

2013 Forestry Test

2013 Current Issue Test 

2013 Current Issue  Scenario


North American Envirothon 2012


July 22-July 27

Susquehanna University

Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 


Non Point Source Pollution - Low Impact Development   

2012 Learning Objectives :   Learning Objectives


Memory Book (pdf)

2012 Scoresheet (pdf)

Competition photos




Canon  Envirothon 2011
July 24 - July 29
Mount Allison University
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

Salt and Fresh Water Estuaries


Memory Book (pdf)

2011 Brochure
Competition Photos

2011 Scoresheet (pdf)

The scores at the bottom of the page are the final scores of the top five teams after they made their final oral presentations.

Current Environmental Issue: Salt and Fresh Water Estuaries

Curriculum Guidelines and Learning Resources:

2011 Aquatics Ecology Curriculum Guidelines
2011 Aquatics Ecology Learning Resources

2011 Forestry Curriculum Guidelines
2011 Forestry Learning Resources

2011 Soils/Land Use Curriculum Guidelines
2011 Soils/Land Use Learning Resources

2011 Wildlife Curriculum Guidelines
2011 Wildlife Learning Resources

2011 Current Issue Curriculum Guidelines
2011 Current Issue Learning Resources


Canon Envirothon 2010

August 1-6, 2010
California State University, Fresno
Fresno, California



Canon  Envirothon 2009
August 2−August 8
University of North Carolina
Asheville, NC

2009 Learning Objectives 

2009 Current Environmental Issue: Biodiversity in a Changing World
Competition Photos 

Score Sheet


For information on prior competitions, see the History of the Envirothon (pdf).


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