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North American Envirothon

Past Competitions

NCF-Envirothon 2015 -  Urban/Community Forests Urb

July 27- August 2, 2105

Missouri State University

Springfield, Missouri


ScoreSheet,  Competition Photo's, Memory Book  Note: The memory book will take  a  few minutes to  download !  


2015 Awards Banquet  Video 


Urban and Community Forests : Learning Objectives,  Urban and Community Forest Backgrounder , Oral Presentation Scenario 


2015 Missouri Specific  Resources 

Urban/Community Forests:   Resource  Study Material
Aquatic Ecology:  Resource/Study Material Links
Additional Widlife  Links  (March 31/2015):    Forest Management for Missouri Landowners    and  On the Edge: A Guide to Managing Land for Bobwhite Quail




North American Envirothon 2014- Sustainable Agriculture - Locally Grown 

The 2014  North American competition was not  held due to restructuring of the program.  The program will continue  in 2015  (July 22 - August 2) in Springfield, Missouri under the new name of  National Conservation Foundation-Envirothon ( NCF-Envirothon).


Current Issue:

Learning Objectives:  2014  Learning Objectives    

2014 Current Topic Resource:  Indicator's of Sustainable Agriculture and Organic  Production 




North American Envirothon 2013  Sustainable Rangeland Management: Achieving a balance between Tratditonal Agricultural Uses with Non-Agricultural uses on Montana Rangelands

August 4-9, 2013

Montana State Unversity

Bozeman, Montana


2013 Learning Objectives -  Learning Objectives

Montana  "Specific"  - 2013 Montana Specific Resources


2013 Score Sheet.pdf,   2013 Winner Press Release FINAL.pdf

Memory Book:  Click Here


Sample 2013 tests: 

2013 Wildlife Test 2013 Forestry Test2013 Current Issue Test, 2013 Current Issue  Scenario


North American Envirothon 2012 - Non Point Source Pollution - Low Impact Development 


July 22-July 27

Susquehanna University

Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 


2012 Learning Objectives :   Learning Objectives

Memory Book (pdf),  2012 Scoresheet (pdf),  Competition photos



Canon  Envirothon 2011 - Salt and Fresh Water Estuaries

July 24 - July 29


Mount Allison University
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada


Memory Book (pdf)2011 BrochureCompetition Photos2011 Scoresheet (pdf) 


Canon Envirothon 2010- Protection of Groundwater Through Urban, Agricultural and Environmental Planning

August 6-10

Fresno California




Canon  Envirothon 2009 - Biodiversity in a Changing World
August 2−August 8
University of North Carolina
Asheville, NC

2009 Learning Objectives Competition Photos ,  Score Sheet


For information on prior competitions, see the History of the Envirothon (pdf).


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