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Please   see  " ANNOUNCEMENTS"  on the  HOME Page   regarding the  2014  North American Envirothon Competition.

Please  check back regularly  for updated information,  we are currently exploring other avenues/possibilities for 2014 and hope to be able to announce  these  in the   few of  weeks.

Sustainable Local Agriculture /Locally Grown
2014 Current Topic   Resources: 
Additional Resources
1.  Building Soils for Better Crops  pages 3-129,  187-203
2.  What  is  Sustainable Ag-Whole Farm Approach to Manage  Insects  - 20 pages
3.  What and Why of Local Food Systems - 16 pages
4.  Agro Forestry: Sustaining Native Bee Habitat for Crop  Pollination - 4 pages
5. Clean-Energy-Farming    (Pages 1-15)
 Sustainable Local Agriculture /Locally Grown
In recent years a strong movement has emerged to redefine agriculture from the perspective of its  sustainability (ability to be productively replicated in future generations) and its interconnection with its immediate environment.  The movement has brought focus not only to these connections but to the profitability of small farms, the practicality of individuals growing their own food, and the environmental and economic benefits of obtaining food that has been produced locally. 


"Georgia Specific"  - Learning Resources 

Aquatic Ecology
2014/GeorgiaWaterResources.pdf      Pages 9-13, 25-27

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