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North American Envirothon

Sample Agenda for First Meeting

1.       Recruit volunteer to record minutes for the meeting

2.       Introductions

3.       Introduction to the Envirothon

a.       North American Envirothon Video

b.       Q & A: What is the Envirothon?

4.       Establish an Envirothon Committee

a.       Committee Officers

b.      ADVISORY COMMITTEE (optional)

5.       Establish Subcommittees

a.       Public Relations

b.      Registration & Awards

c.       Resource

d.      Site

e.      Training & Testing

f.        Volunteer

6.       Determine Funding Needs

a.      Non-profit Status: e.g., Independent 501(C)3

b.      How to raise program funds

7.       Determine Competition Structure

a.       Half-Day Event?

b.      Two-Day Event?

c.       With oral presentations?

8.       Date for Next Meeting



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